A Message to Our Members Regarding COVID-19

Dear Valued Members,

We are currently in the midst of a global pandemic, a pneumonia of unknown cause detected in China on December 31st, 2019. A new coronavirus disease named ‘COVID-19” was discovered on February 11th, 2020. The COVID-19was then characterized as a pandemic on March 11th, 2020.  Our U.S. Government has stepped in to protect and safeguard our population by legislating and providing supplies and services to combat this pandemic.

For the safety of our members and employees and for the stability of our Financial Organization we have devised a balanced approach to protect and keep everyone safe from the grips of COVID-19, as well as to provide quality financial services during this pandemic reality.

Therefore, we strongly request our membership to utilize our home banking services which allow members to conduct financial business in the comfort of their own homes.   Members may make payments on loans, on visa cards and move funds among their accounts.  Our Bill Pay allows members to pay vendors, other banks, utilities and accounts outside the purview of the Credit Union. We encourage our members to enroll into Direct Deposit, a service accepting employers’ checks/payments to be deposited into members various accounts to insure member has funds to pay his/her bills.  Another service which is funded by the Credit Union is a surcharge free “ALL POINT” ATM service.  We use Visa Debit Cards to withdraw funds from ATM’s.  When you go to our website, www.usnefcu.com, you may search for ALL POINT locations in your neighborhood or throughout the USA.  We have over 48,000 surcharge free ATM’s in the US and globally.  Most of these services may be done in the comfort of your home without visiting the Credit Union.

If you still have not signed up for these services please sign up this week.  This will safeguard you, our membership, and our employees by keeping away from our Credit Union branches if you absolutely don’t have to come.  Please call your local branches and set-up appointments for enrolling into these products.

If you have need of a loan, please call your branch for information.  Member Services will provide assistance and let you know what documents will be required, and will set up an appointment for you.  Required documents may be faxed, emailed, dropped into our secured mail boxes or deposit drop box at our main branch.

Due to the complexity of this pandemic, our Branch hours will change to the following:

Tuesday: 2 PM – 6 PM

Wednesday: Closed to public, except for appointments

Thursday: 2 PM -6 PM

Friday 2 PM – 6 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM

We sincerely ask that you act responsibly and conduct business at our branches only when absolutely necessary.  We encourage you to make appointments for opening services such as accounts, Home Banking, Direct Deposits, Bill Pay, IRA’s, Debit Cards or loans.  For mortgage or Home Equity loans please call Andrew Shutsman or Mariya Rozvadovska for accurate information and appointments at 860-296-4714.

A final change to our policy as to the number of members in our lobby at any given time will be three (3).  Our staff will monitor each branch appropriately and ask our membership to wait outside until a member leaves the branch.

I stress that these precautions are done with the best intentions of safeguarding you, our members and our employees.  I will update you as needed on our website.  I ask for your patience and understanding.  We are committed to providing you with the best service possible under these extreme conditions.  Please stay healthy and safe.

From the Board of Directors,

George N. Stachiw

General Manager