Introducing a FREE new Online Service

Introducing a FREE new Online Service

  • Manage all your money from one place
  • MoneyDesktop

Simplify your life by managing all of your money from one place!

We are excited to introduce MoneyDesktopTM, a FREE new personal financial management service that allows you to consolidate all of your various financial accounts (even those that aren’t with us :) into one easy to use app. With MoneyDesktopTM, you’ll be able to take complete control of your finances.

Key Features

Account Aggregation:  MoneyDesktopTM gathers basic financial information from ALL of your different financial accounts and organizes it into one convenient place.

Expense Tracking:  Categorize and track spending from your various financial accounts. See everything that is coming in and going out and make more informed financial decisions.

Budgeting:  Create relative budgets based off your actual spending, income, debts, and expenses. Mobile access makes budgets easy to reference, update, and actually stick to.

Debt Management:   MoneyDesktopTM gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get your debt under control. A customized plan based on your debts, income, and budget.

GuideMe:  A GPS for your finances that keeps you on the path to financial freedom and well-being.

Available through online banking.

Login and click on MoneyDesktopTM to get started today!