Shop Online?

4 Steps to Getting Cash Back When You Shop Online

Over 80% of Americans like to shop online – including Ukrainan Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union members like you. But are you getting cash back when you shop? With Shop America and its 1,200+ online retailers you do.

So, why not get cash back when you shop online with popular stores like Target, Best Buy, Gap, Sears, Home Depot and more? You can even get up to 20% cash back at some of its online stores. Don’t forget to shop using your Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Cedit Union credit card and save with our great low rates!

Getting cash back when you shop is just four easy steps away:

  1. Sign up for Shop America for free at
  2. Shop at your favorite online retailers like you normally do, but using the Shop America portal to do it.
  3. Shop America automatically credits your account for your cash back.
  4. Once you earn $10 or more, Shop America sends you a check for your cash back amount.

To learn more about Shop America or to register for free, visit