Opening a checking account

It's easy! If you already have a Savings account it will take you minutes to have your checking account set up. If you do not have a Savings account you will need to open one first. This will consist of filling out a form with your name and address and answering a few questions. The entire process will only take 5 minutes. We require you deposit $100.00 to open the checking account.

Business Accounts

These accounts are just as easy to set up and work the same way as normal checking account. Your existing merchant account can be easily linked to checking or savings. Printable voucher and other type of checks can be ordered through us as well to work along with your accounting software such as Quickbooks. If there is a specific question you may have please call.

Ordering Additional Checks

To order additional checks simply click here, and don't forget to mention any changes. We will reply to your e-mail to confirm that your order has been processed. You may also order your check directly from Liberty Checks.

For current rates click here