Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule  
Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union Membership Fee  
Non-refundable, onetime fee $5.00
ATM / Debit Card Fees  
International ATM fee $6.00
Reissue Card $10.00
Reissue PIN $2.50
Cashier's Draft  
Cashier's Draft (First check free on daily basis) $5.00
Stop Payment on Cashier's Draft $25.00
Non-Member Check Cashing $2.00
Cashing Canadian check $23.00
Domestic Bank to Bank Wires  
Outgoing $25.00
Incoming $10.00 
International Bank to Bank Wires  
Outgoing $45.00
Incoming $15.00
Share Draft Fees  
Stop Payment $16.00
NSF (Non-sufficient funds) Fee $30.00
Photocopy of Cashiers Draft $5.00
Copy of Share Draft $5.00
Automatic Transfer of funds from  
Share Saving to a Share Draft Account (per occurrence) $7.50
Personalized Checks (varies with style selection) varies
Statement Copy $2.50
Interim Statement Copy $2.00
Money Market Account Fees  
Fee for more than 6 withdrawals per month $5.00
IRA Account Fees  
Transfer fee to other institution $25.00
Dormant Account Fee  
Accounts with no activity for one (1) year, will be assessed a fee quarterly after one (1) year of dormancy (funds turned over to state after 3 years) $10.00 quarterly
Escheatment Fee (3 years) $150.00
Deposit Item Returned (when any check drawn upon another bank, which is deposited into a member's account and is returned unpaid by that bank) $20.00
Research Fee (Minimum 1 hour) $30.00 per hour
  $7.50 per qr hr
Document Copies $.50 per copy
Fax Transmission (Domestic outgoing) $2.00 per page
Fax Transmission (International outgoing) $5.00 per page
Garnishments, levies, etc. $25.00
No Forwarding Address Provided by Member $5.00 per mailing
Account verification letter $10.00
Visa Credit Card Fee  
Late Payment fee $25.00
Returned Check fee $25.00
Notary Services  
Members No Fee
Non-Members $10.00
Online Bill Pay Service  
Bill Pay - Fee will be imposed each month once Bill Pay has not been used for 3 consecutive months and will continue until Bill Pay service is closed or reactivated $5.00
Bill Pay Plus - Monthly fee $3.00
Close Out Account  
Close Out Account Fee (months to avoid close out account fee = 3 months) $10.00

Please note that we reserve the right to change our fees.